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We're helping you stay cool and shaded with some GREAT SAVINGS!

The warmth of the sun feels great when you are by the pool, at the beach, or on the golf course…but not when you and your passengers must ride in a vehicle that has been parked in the sun. Let us bring you some relief!

We are celebrating the this year with special savings for our two BEST SELLING SUNSHADES!

The JUPITER sunshade, for the FRONT WINDSHIELD, is your solution for the ultimate in protection from the sun's UV rays and heat. Our “one-size-fits-all” Jupiter sun shade accommodates essentially every car windshield with a customized fit. Its one-time-only installation means that the shade is always ready and available for use, taking just seconds to engage or disengage. Click here to see a picture of the Jupiter and learn more details about this fantastic sunshade.

** SPECIAL SAVINGS! BUY ONE JUPITER FOR $34.95 Buy Two for the special price of $55.00!!

Click here to take advantage of our special sale and purchase the Jupiter.

The EUROPA MARK I sunshade, for the REAR WINDSHIELD, is truly one of its kind, as you will not find another sunshade like this on the market. Your rear seat passengers will thank you, as the fine, black mesh provides great sun deflection as well as see-through capability for the driver. Click here to see a picture of an installed Europa Mark I sunshade and to learn more about it.

Click here to purchase the Europa Mark I for ONLY $54.95!


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Fact: The glass in your vehicle often acts as a magnifier. Your dashboard can heat up to more than 181° F to the touch. You may have seen evidence of this heat buildup by cracks in your dashboard. The steering wheel can exceed 159° F. A car seat can reach 162° F and more. Imagine the wear and tear this is placing on your car's interior!
Fact: On a typical 95° F day, the air temperature in a car that has been previously air conditioned can exceed 120° F in just 20 minutes! And it jumps to 149° F IN JUST 40 MINUTES! No wonder the kids won't get in!
Fact: The sun is destroying your car EVERY DAY! Just think. Your car is probably the second biggest investment (next to your house) that you make in your life....and your investment is deteriorating every minute it is exposed to the sun.
Fact: Driving when the interior of your car is still hot is NOT SAFE. Think about this. If you are sitting on a hot car seat, you're concentration is divided between your uncomfortable feelings and paying attention to your driving.